Wednesday, February 18, 2009

LIFE(Search of happiness)

Real life is that, which you lives for others and also the who lives for others is called real human being because animals lives for their own lives and this think makes you different from animals. You can find everything in our self every happiness is inside our self then after people finding their happiness outside. And if don’t get then they feels depression. but this is not the solution of any problem. The easy way of solving your problem is to consider your problem too short, and be confident to solve your problem. AS YOUR HAPPINESS DOESN’T REMAIN FOR LONG,LIKE THIS YOUR PROBLEM WOULDN’T BE FOR LONG. Always look forward for the RAY OF HOPE.Just try to make your present beautiful, your future also will be beautiful. Your past and future both depends on your present because if you will laugh in present then one day it will be past so you will also laugh by remembering your past and if you will do nice works in your present then the result means your future will also best. So don’t waste your time in thinking about your past and future. Just live in your present and laugh as much as possible.Just try to find your happiness inside yourself and help others. Then you will feel the difference in yourself. Our all-spiritual books like GEETA, MAHABHARAT, BIBLE AND KURAN are also telling us this thingAfter all INDIA is all about culture, religion and wisdom. Our holy scriptures itself says about our historical and prestigious background. At present nobody has time for thinking others. Nobody has time for thinking about our country. Everybody says WHY SHOULD I? But there is a need of change. Only one person can’t do any type of change, there is need of MEN POWER. If everybody will think about this country and also for those children whose dreams are killing, because of child labors WHY DON’T WE THINK ABOUT IT? Let them dream of their a blazing future. Let give them a hope of their happiness. Let them fly in this endless sky of hope. It’s not time to say WHY SHOULD I? Its time to say SHOULD I?I hope support of all of you. Eventually it will become a huge organization well being of these childrenSo come and be a part of this for giving a smile to every child.Here, we are also looking forward for this way and if you have some interest in self-realization we will tell you the way.


  1. Great...nice sharing and article

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  4. live life and choose to be happy....It's a matter of choice..happiness that you experienced in this world is just fleeting but if you are searching for the real happiness, it can only be found when you're in God..

  5. but if you want more happiness then make others ahppy