Tuesday, June 2, 2009

SEO strategy

SEO is the way of improving the quality or traffic of website. SEO is helpful to be appears a site in the search engine results earlier. SEO focus several type of keyword oriented search involving image search, software search, article search etc. The most important part of SEO is SMO(social media optimization).SMO is a method for generating more traffic by online communities, social media, blogging, social news, bookmarking. And we can say SEO is the medium to gain high rank of site on web. There are many types of tools and techniques to increase the rank and traffic of the website, through Search engine optimization. A website will be appear maximum no. of time in the search engine results if it is well optimized and well designed by a search engine optimizer. SEO does not mean only to grow your website traffic or rank but also it refer to gain by the product on which SEO strategy is applying. SEO is the better way to gain higher rank on the web.

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